Our team of professional designers

Carsten Richner

Owner and founder Carsten has worked in the field of design, manufacturing and installation for the past 25 years. With extensive experience in the kitchen field, his knowledge and understanding of functional, smart kitchen design has brought a unique outlook and understanding to each one of his design conceptions.

Anton Sizarev

Owner and 10 plus years of Kitchen Design experience, Anton’s worldwide knowledge and understanding of Kitchen trends aids to his expertise in production and construction of cabinetry. His passion of cooking has developed a perfect understanding of designing the ideal kitchen workspace.

Amanda Phillips

Graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, highly experienced in space planning, color selections and overall design esthetic. Amanda’s knowledge and understanding allows each client to be meet with the upmost individualized attention and detail.

Sven Weibel

Having worked in the kitchen field for almost a decade with experience in Europe as well as the U.S, Sven’s expertise and eye for design brings a creative and specialized edge to his work.

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